We're Open!

We are so proud to finally be open and here Monday thru Saturday to make you your daily cup! We've wanted this to be a reality here at Fido Motors for a long time so it is exciting to be here now. We feature Populace Coffee from Bay City, MI, Rishi Tea, and Sarkozy Bakery pastries and bread for our daily house-made sandwiches. We also make our Chai concentrate in house with Rishi tea, we make all of our syrups and flavors, and we make a meat sandwich and a veggie sandwich daily that we have wrapped and ready for you to grab and take with you. Our barista, Mack, is the star of the show. He takes great pride in his craft and makes the best cup of coffee you've had. He also comes up with all of the recipes for things we make here and doesn't offer anything until it's perfect. We are lucky and thankful to have him.

So, part of our dream at Fido Motors, has always been to have a really great coffee shop as our showroom for Fido. We wanted a space where customers could watch Fido's being made while they enjoyed their drinks. We built the cafe to have windows looking in to the assembly area. We also have a finished bike on display in the cafe for everyone to get a closer look. We will eventually have a small retail space where we sell scooter accessories and coffee accessories as well. We find it's a pretty happy marriage of two things. We hope you think so too. 

Come visit us and let us know what you think!