About Fido Motors Cafe

Tucked away in the corner of a historic warehouse, located at 1415 Fulford St., in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Fido Motors Cafe is the celebration of our passions for coffee and scooter culture. With its machine shop vibes and a well curated menu of offerings, Fido offers a change of pace from the ordinary.

Our coffee menu is based on seasonal offerings via Populace Coffee of Bay City, Michigan. Espresso preparation is made by our professional baristas and brewed coffee options include drip, pour overs, and flash chilled iced coffee. We offer organic teas from Rishi Tea and we brew it hot or cold. We pride ourselves in quality and creativity and offer a great selection of house made syrups, seasonal drinks and other unique menu options.

 We look forward to seeing you and serving you something delicious!